Did Screen Printing Change the World?

Here at Signet Signs, we strongly believe in knowing where it all began. For us, that was screen printing!

Screen Printing originally began in China and Japan several centuries ago, before starting in Europe and England in 1860. During World War II the technique of screen printing developed rapidly and by the 1960s screen printing was widely used for producing labels, advertising and printing objects… but did screen printing change the world?

Over the years, screen printing has definitely become a very powerful technology for reproducing graphics and it is technology that continues to develop. It is now an indivisible part of visual communication and has proved to be an irreplaceable printing method producing better and cheaper products all the time.

Screen printing is flexible in its use of colour and ability to print on a vast array of materials and every day it is becoming the most popular go-to method for reproducing graphics for people all over the world. Screen printing has given new opportunities for artistic expression while suiting financial requirements of our times.

One of the main advantages of screen printing is the unique visual result it creates but the inks are very durable resulting in very vivid colours. Businesses, in particular, find huge benefit in the fact that screen printing allows them to print on a variety of materials and objects in exactly the way they want, in exactly the colours they want.

Screen printing has proved to be a very flexible printing technology with no limitation on the thickness or nature of the material that printing needs to be carried on, which is unlike all other printing technologies and is another reason why screen printing is so popular for so many people.

In some ways you can very much see how screen printing has changed the world as it has given us a new way to print on various materials, it has given us a cheaper way of printing and advertising and it has given us constant improvements, developments and advancements in the printing world. Perhaps screen printing hasn’t exactly changed the world; instead screen printing is continually changing the world?