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  • Playground Markings - Can you remove old markings?

    How to Remove Playground Markings.

    Playground Marking Removal

    The time will come when those markings you had installed ‘a long time ago’ have become faded. There are a number of options available when it comes to getting your school playground back to a good condition.

    Option 1. Ignore the old marking and have new installed on top.
    The cheapest option but not always a viable one depending on how faded the old markings have become. The eye is always drawn to bright colours and as such, new markings will distract the eye, with the end result being that new markings will be seen quickly and the old markings fade into the background.
    It is sometimes possible to install new markings on top of old, depending on the condition of the thermoplastic below. Essentially there is little benefit to be had from installing new on top of old playground markings if the old markings are going to lose their grip on the playground.

    Option 2. Have the old markings removed.
    When it comes to removing playground markings there are a couple of options available. Please be aware that all of the removal processes will leave a very clean area where the thermoplastic playground markings / painted markings were. This will blend back in with the playground as it naturally picks up debris.

    Sand Jet Cleaning.
    The low pressure sand jet is different from other line removing technologies being totally environmentally friendly as it uses no toxic slurries and generates no fumes. It has a low consumption and hence creates little mess, and it is quick, compact and clean enough to not require elaborate barricades to protect the public (footpaths do not require closing). The system also does not cause surface damage and it is highly mobile. While we cannot compete with the speed of the more powerful burning systems for line removal, we do not leave melted tarmac or residue, and do not generate black smoke. Our only residue is a little sand, water and the line material, which can be washed or vacuumed away.
    Sand Jet removal of playground markings is ideal for delicate surfaces but does take longer than UHP cleaning (see below).

    Ultra High Pressure Water Jet.
    A more aggressive clean that intensely cleans the surface of the playground. Please note that UHP cleaning typically leaves a clean ‘mark’ on the playground surface as it utilises a higher pressure than sand jet cleaning. This will fade over time as it naturally picks up dirt / debris and blends into the playground.
    Access to the playground is ideal as is a dependable water source (outside water tape with normal pressure is normally fine).

    For more details, advice & help please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Do you offer site visits?

    A: Yes we do but it does depend on your location.  We are based just outside of Bristol with easy access to the M4 and M5.   As each customers requirements are likely to be unique, we suggest getting in contact with us.

  • Winterbourne Early Years Pre-school

    Fantastic, professional service from beginning to end with all from Signet. We are now the proud owners of a fantastic board to promote our preschool. Highly recommend this company – fast, efficient ,informative and easy to discuss requirements with very helpful staff.

    5 star google rating

    Winterbourne Early Years Pre-school

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  • Kevin Munnings

    I was very happy with the level of service that I received from Signet Signs. The customer service was excellent – including the re-working of artwork prior to manufacture to get exactly what we wanted. We (Pitch Architects) will certainly use them again!

  • Gyoury Self

    Very happy with the site boards we ordered! Materials and printing to a high standard – very professional finish. Excellent service too. Friendly staff and good communications, so all went very smoothly. We were lucky enough to find the company through Google Search and would definitely recommend them to others.

  • Pam Parsons

    If you are nervous or anxious about getting your signage done then these are the people who will put you at your easy with their friendly, helpful and patient approach they guided me through the process. They listened, asked questions and made suggestions to ensure they understood what I wanted the finished signage to look like. I loved the end product, so a huge thank you to you all.

  • Suzie Hellier

    Really great quality and service from Signet Signs. They came and helped us re-do all of the signs in the GP surgery. I would definitely recommend them and have used them since for additional work.

  • Michael (at Standard Heritage)

    Very easy to use, very responsive staff, great service, will be my first choice of supplier from now on.

    5 star google rating

    Michael (at Standard Heritage)

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  • Paul Daly

    Thank you so much Signet Signs. Sam and Kieran were awesome. We are a new business and needed some guidance with our designs and signs. We were guided every step of the way with advice from absolute professionals and nothing was too much trouble even when we asked for the almost impossible on a really tight time frame. Cannot recommend these guys and this company enough.

  • Ian Barker

    Of 5 quotes obtained Signet were the best on price. All the people that I dealt with either by phone or e-mail were polite and very knowledgeable of the products that they sell. I would definitely recommend to others in need of this product or service.

  • Nathan Hughes

    Just wanted to take the time to say we couldn’t be happier with what you did!

    5 star google rating

    Nathan Hughes - St Mary Elton School

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