Shop Signs

A Helpful Guide for Persons Looking to Purchase Shop Signs.

We know shop signs can be confusing. You’re trying to set up / run your business and each sign maker you meet offers different advice, prices & promises! All you want is a clear guide of costs and options to help you make an informed choice.  Hopefully, even if you don’t use us, this page will help.

With regards to picking a sign maker, our advice is to look at their online reviews and see what customers are saying about them.   Our new sign manufacturing factory is packed with the latest sign making equipment, we’ve been established since 1971 and have made thousands of signs, but if our online customer reviews were not good… it means nothing (Spoiler alert: We’re very proud of our Google Review score).

Below you’ll find a summary of the main types of shop front signs along with a price guide.  The price guide is for a ‘typical’ shop front sign and is merely there to give an indication of the price difference between each sign option, hence the “*” next to the price.  Please get in touch with us for an accurate quote.

We are happy to visit you at your premises and complete a site survey free of charge if you’re within 35 miles of us.
Our enquiry form is below or if you would prefer, please feel free to call us.  01275 463601 / mail@signetsigns.co.uk

Flat Panel Shop Signs

A flat panel is , quite literally, a sheet of material fixed to the front of your premises with graphics to the face.   It’s a low cost way of ensuring your shop sign is advertising to people walking / driving past 24/7.
‘Flat Panel’ doesn’t mean boring though and our graphic design team will ensure your shop front sign looks incredible for a long time indeed.

*Price Guide: £350 – £800+
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Flat Cut Letters

Flat Cut Letters are cut from a flat sheet of material (acrylic / foamex / aluminium / s.steel) and have fixings on the back which allow the letters to appear to float slightly proud of the shop sign surface.  They are a superb way of drawing the eye to your name / message.
The photo here shows the words “Drunk Monkey Tattoos” all of which are mounted onto pegs , hidden on the reverse of the letters.

*Price Guide: £250 – £800+
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Built Up Letters

Built Up Letters look like they’re made from a solid lump of material, whereas in fact they are hollow, normally with an open back.
This allows for LED illumination to be mounted inside the letters, shining out of the back to create a halo of light.
Material options are slightly more limited than flat cut lettering (acrylic / s.steel) but the aesthetics are outstanding.

*Price Guide: £900 – £2000+
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Folded Tray Shop Signs

A very popular shop sign as there are many ways to enhance a folded tray beyond ‘just’ graphics to the face.
– Stand Off Lettering (Built Up or Flat Cut).
– Cut out Lettering, internally illuminated.
– Flat Cut Lettering applied flat to face.
– Mixture of the above.

*Price Guide: £600 – £1800+

Illuminated Light Box

An aluminium frame (doesn’t rust) with internal LED illumination (no bulbs to change & low running cost).
An acrylic panel with graphics to the front allows light through and diffuses the light so that no ‘hot spots’ are visible.
Both the frame and the panel can be colour matched to suit your requirements.

*Price Guide: £800 – £1200+

Pencil Light Illumination

A pencil light down/up lighter is a tidy way of illuminating the shop sign without resorting to a lightbox.   The light comes from LEDs within a tube mounted either above or below the sign.
The pencil light shines it’s light back and across the face of the sign, helping to avoid shedding light needlessly away from your premises.
Available in lengths to suit the width of any sign.

*Price Guide: £280+

Window Graphics for Shop Fronts

PVC graphics applied to the inside of your shop window & read from outside. This stops unwanted attention, window cleaners & weather from damaging your shop window graphics.
We also produce perforated window graphics, (allowing people inside to look out but not in) and etched glass privacy films.

*Price Guide: £100+