St George’s Church of England Primary School

With rain and high winds expected later in the day, we hurriedly made our way to Worcester to install new school signs for St George’s Church of England Primary School.

Their existing signage was looking a  little worn out and some areas needed consolidating.  Lots of signs fixed to the front of the school, all different fonts & colours, spread over an area making it look cluttered and unlikely anyone would read them all.  The new signage we were installing would embrace the school colours of red and white and present a tidy appearance as many signs would be replaced by one.

To ensure all graphics looked crisp , we took the existing school logo and our art dept redrew it.   Below are a selection of some of the signs our installation team installed that day.

StGeorges School Sign 1 StGeorges School Sign 3

StGeorges School Sign 2 StGeorges School Sign 0

St George’s C of E Primary School, Worcester
St George’s Lane North

Telephone: 01905 619454
Email: admin@stgeorgesce.worcs.sch.uk