School Signage – Signage that Speaks

We have over 40 years of dealing with school signage. Therefore, making good first impressions to new visitors is no stranger to us.

Many years ago we took on a design for school signage that has been very well received and gave the right impression to visitors. The style gives a crisp look to the sign without being too flamboyant, has a little bit of character, but the content of it can be altered to an incredible degree, for example, the style of font, logo and content placement.

Look below to find different examples of how the same design can be implemented differently and give an amazing array of results.

This brilliant variety of results has allowed us to give your sign it’s own voice while remaining a popular layout that has been used for over a decade. From the sign alone you can see that:

Longwell Green Primary School:
Focused on Health – They have a heavy focus on their healthy eating program

Holwell Primary School:
Tall & Proud – Following Latest Ofsted report 98% of parents are happy with their child’s experience at school.

Haygrove School:
Broad and Strong – Represents the success in the Sedgemoor Cup Rugby Finals by winning all 5-year groups.

These are very good examples of school signage as it allows the schools to reflect the message they are trying to put across to any visitors or their students. How do you think your signage reflects your school?