See the signs for your local polling station

The General Election is just around the corner, and we’re ready with our Polling Station signs to help voters get to their voting venue.

Since 1971, we have been committed to providing signage for the general, local and European elections, helping voters know clearly where their local polling station is. Without us, no one would know where to cast their vote!

Across the country on May 7 2015, volunteers will be getting up early to set up polling stations ready for people to begin voting at 7am and right throughout the day until 10pm.

While voters who have lived at the same home address for a long time are most likely to be aware of where their local polling station is, it is a requirement that all venues have the proper signs to advertise exactly where they are.

At Signet Signs, we play an important role in making sure everyone who is registered to vote can find their station using our Standard System signs (a one-piece stand) or our Easy Handling System (Two-piece stand), among other signage methods.

Because of the British weather being unpredictable on the day of the General Election, we make sure all our signs are made from durable material, which also means they can be used again.

Depending on where the polling station is, such as a village hall or general meeting area, you may need different signs to advertise and navigate. For example, if the polling station is down a narrow lane, it’s vital to have a sturdy sign directing voters down the lane and to the venue.

As well as Polling Station signs, we also provide booths where people are able to vote in confidence. It is a requirement that voters fill in their ballot privately, without feeling pressured and intimidated. Our booths are made to ensure every voter has their say without any interruption.

For more information on our Polling Station signs, download our PDF catalogue.

Ballots at the ready! The General Election will be held on Thursday 7 May 2015.