Say hello to our School Signs catalogue!

You may have seen our blog post about the new Playground Markings catalogue a few weeks ago – and now we’ve got the School Signs version!

Hopefully this should give you a really good overview of everything we can provide when it comes to school signage, so you can get some inspiration on the kinds of things we can create. There’s a little bit about our playground markings too – but if you need more information on that, you know where to go!

One of the things that our customers comment on most is that fact that all our services are in-house. If you’re interested in having us produce your school signage, you can rest assured that we’ll be with you from the beginning to the end of the process. There doesn’t need to be all the lengthy correspondence that comes from having to flit between different companies that are all contributing to the same task (aka, your  school sign!) – with Signet, we conduct the initial site survey to work out what you need, and we’ll stay with you for the design, manufacture and installation. That way, if you need any more help, you know exactly where to go.

As you’ll be able to see from the catalogue, it’s not just your traditional ‘NAME OF SCHOOL, MOTTO, NAME OF HEADTEACHER’ school sign that we do – we provide a whole range of possibilities for your internal and external signage. From wayfinding signs to notice boards, floor graphics, banners, awards plaques… you name it, we’ve got it covered! So, you can get your entire school kitted out all in one go! Simple.

Plus, all of the images we’ve provided are good examples of what we can do for you. If there is a design you particularly like, we can create that for you with all your school’s details. If you don’t see anything that takes your fancy, fear not! We also do bespoke designs that will be tailored to your specific needs so that you can be completely happy with what you’re getting.

All of our quotes and site visits are free, so once we’ve discussed what you’re after there’s absolutely no obligation to buy. It’s all about customer satisfaction – we take a lot of pride in our work, so we want our clients to think its great too!

If you have any questions or would like a free quote on a job for us, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01275 463601, or email us at mail@signetsigns.co.uk. We’re happy to help!