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Typically it helps us to have an idea of the following information, but don’t worry if you don’t have all the answers.  Just let us know as much as you can.
If it’s easier to talk to us, we’re just a phone call away on 01275 463601.

  • Quantity. How many do you need?
  • Size.  Even a rough idea is helpful.
  • Preferred material (if any).
  • Is it an Indoor or Outdoor sign?
  • Long term or Temporary sign?
  • Where is it going? On a wall, on posts (do you need posts and if so how long?)
  • Do you have any preferred method of fixing?  Screws / double sided adhesive tape / stand off barrel fixings?
  • Would you like us to install, would you like a separate price for installation?
  • Are you providing print ready artwork or will there be a requirement for us to produce it?
  • Budget?  Some people don’t like giving away how much they have to spend and we respect that. However it does help us narrow down the options if we’ve got a rough idea.  There is a great deal of difference between a budget of £200 for a shop front sign compared to a budget of £2000 and we don’t want to waste your time by providing information which isn’t useful to you.

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