Time for our new catalogue!

We’ve got a new brochure!

It’s a couple of months into the New Year, so we figured it was high time to get ourselves a brand-spanking-new brochure that we can send out to all our lovely customers. If you and your school don’t get sent one, give us a call and we can pop one over to you, or alternatively you can download it from our website.

This should make it a bit clearer to see everything we offer for playground markings without having to scroll through the website. A little light reading for your lunchbreak, perhaps!

We’ve put in sections for all the different types of markings we do, from literacy games to exercise pitches, and you’ll be able to take a look and choose which designs you like the best for your school. Or, if you’re feeling creative, we offer a bespoke design service so you can take free rein on the vision you have for your playground.

At the back we’ve also got all the bundle offers that we supply, so you can save some of your budget when you’re purchasing multiple markings. Plus, you may not have known about our ‘Price Match’ service – if you find the same thing for cheaper with another company, let us know and we’ll match it!

At Signet Signs we pride ourselves on our high quality playground markings, and love being able to revamp school playgrounds with something fun and different. There’s definitely a lot of job satisfaction to be had from this!

The catalogue we’ve just brought out focuses on our playground markings, but we do also provide school signage – so you can always kill two birds with one stone!

We hope you like the new brochure, let us know what you think! If you have any questions just give us a ring on 01275 463601, or email us at mail@signetsigns.co.uk.