Athletic Prowess

(From the local paper for Bristol.  “The Post” – June 2012)

Two Apprentices begin a contract to make Olympic flags that will appear in Parliament Square during the London 2012 Olympics.

The project, called House of Flags, is organised through Signet Signs Ltd and will decorate the square in front of the Houses of Parliament, which will be a key area during the Olympics for tourists and Olymipic fans.

The two College students involved, Liam Belsten and James Lockyer, both started their Apprenticeship with the company last year (2010) and are undertaking a Sign Making Apprenticeship.

James, who is 25 and lives in Yate, commented: “This time last year I was still working in the fast food industry. I wanted to progress my career but couldn’t find a job due to my lack of experience. The problem is you can’t get experience without getting a job so someone needs to give you that first opportunity.”

When I went for the interview they could tell that I really wanted the job. It’s almost a year now and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it; it’s changed my life around and I’m incredibly thankful for someone giving me a shot. Last year I felt like my life was going nowhere, now I’m doing signs for the Olympics, not many people can say that.”

Signet Signs initially advertised for the two free positions during the 100 in 100 campaign with The Post, a campaign that sought to take on 100 apprentices in 100 days.

“We are currently printing the flags”, commented College apprentice Liam Belston. “They have sent us the drawing and colours, and we have to match them on the computer and make sure it all fits. Doing it for the Olympics makes it all the more exciting. We are going to deliver them and I can’t wait to see them on the TV.”

Mike Rawlings, Managing Director of Signet Signs Ltd, commented: “When we were first approached we didn’t realise what the job was for but, after a few days, we found out it was for Parliament Square and we were really excited.

The students have been outstanding. They stood out in the application process and are now outstanding with this project. It was clear they had a genuine passion for the job and it’s great to put this passion into a job that will be seen by millions.”


OlympicFlags01    Digital-Print-House-of-Flags-2

Digital-Print-House-of-Flags-3    Digital-Print-House-of-Flags-1