Stop, Look, Listen! Road Safety Markings with Signet Signs

We all know the importance of road safety for our children – but what if you could incorporate some fun into it as well?

It is a requirement of many schools to provide some form of road safety training for their pupils, and at Signet Signs we’ve made this process easier for you.

One of our most popular playground installations are road tracks, which as well as being a great source of fun for kids can also be used to teach the fundamentals of road safety. It’s the perfect way to incorporate playtime with learning, so you can rest assured that your pupils will thank you for it!

They can be customised with more or less options as needed, or if you like we can draw up a design specifically tailored to your needs (at no extra charge!). There are loads of cool extras that you can add in to make your road track more exciting for your school kids – think zebra crossing lines, traffic lights, fuel pumps, roundabouts… There are so many different choices, so it’s easy to make your design truly unique.

If you’re feeling a bit stuck for ideas, our ‘Stop Look Listen’ markings are a great place to start when it comes to the road safety essentials. Plus, we can also provide ‘real life’ road signs such as speed signage so you can get your children clued up on what to expect when they’re walking to and from school.

Get in touch if you’d like any more information on the specifics of what we can offer – the (playground markings) world is your oyster, so if you have anything in mind that we haven’t listed just let us know and we can create a bespoke design to your requirements. You can also download our Playground Markings catalogue for free – just go to page 21 for all the details on our road tracks.

Road Tracks Design by Signet Signs


Good luck with your planning – and don’t forget we’re always at the end of the line for any queries at 01275 463601.