Thermoplastic Markings vs Paint – Myths or Facts?

We get a variety of questions surrounding our Thermoplastic Playground Markings, the most common ones generally surround the views that thermoplastic is no different to paint. We are here to answer and explain the Top 3 most common questions we get asked.

1:  Thermoplastic is too expensive compared to paint.

If you look at the base numbers initially then yes, thermoplastic is more expensive than paint. However if you take into account the fact that Thermoplastic can last up to 10 times as long, then it could work out over 3 times cheaper by the end.


2:   Thermoplastic is extremely slippery.

Naturally, yes it is. However we wouldn’t be irresponsible or stupid enough to endanger your child, that’s why we add anti-
slip beading during the manufacturing process & the installation process. Turning the naturally slippery plastic into a velodrome track like surface. Unless you’re doing velodrome like speeds as well, losing grip isn’t much of a problem.


3.   Paint fades faster than Thermoplastic.

Yes it does! This is why we don’t like using paint for playgrounds. As who genuinely wants a caterpillar marking that looks like it’s fresh out of a resident evil movie? Having visual designs and bright colours are the foundation of any playground. Just the atmosphere alone can change a mood.