Due to our investment in UV print technology we are able to offer high quality print with a durable scratch resistant finish.
We print in five colours (CMYK + White) with an apparent 1440 dpi and are able to print white as a backing colour.  This allows us to print white behind our print so that vibrant colours retain their appearance even when printed onto dark colours.

Imagine printing red onto a black panel. The red would normally change colour from vibrant red to a much darker shade.  By printing white exactly where the red will go, we remove any chance of this happening.  Beautiful , vibrant colours no matter what material we are printing on.

We’ve printed onto everything from site hoarding panels, to wooden flags for the 2012 London Olympics to dead butterflies for an art exhibit.   Whatever your requirements, we will be very happy to discuss them with you.


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House of Flags - London 2012 Olympics

Company: AY Architects & Icon Display – London 2012 Olympics. Overview: We were chosen by AY Architects & Icon Display to print & deliver 206 plywood panels.  Each panel represents a flag of one of the…

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