Banners are a cost effective way of promoting your company or special event.

For most banners we use heavy duty PVC banner material as we believe in offering a durable material which isn’t likely to rip or crease easily.  The graphics can be produced in one of two ways.  Digitally printed graphics are ideal for banners which are used for one off events. Whereas PVC lettering is perfect for banners which will be used for events where some details need to be updated each time.  ie: For a banner promoting a school open evening where the date & time would need to be amended. We also have a few designs drawn up for our ofsted banners and parking safety banners.

We also produce Portable Pop-Up Banners.  These have a display area of 850 x 2000mm, which conveniently rolls up inside the protective aluminium base unit when not in use.  For your convenience, we hold a huge range of pre-designed templates for you to choose from or we can work from your artwork.


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